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Minimum Viable Meetings (MVM) is a groundbreaking approach to streamline communication and collaboration within organizations. MVM stresses concise, purpose-driven meetings that focus solely on essential topics, reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and freeing up valuable hours for productivity. By emphasizing brevity, clarity, and action-oriented agendas, MVM empowers teams to achieve more in less time, fostering a culture of efficiency and results.

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What did you improve last week? Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement.  PDCA/PDSA, TQM, Reengineering, ISO9000, CMM, CMMI, Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, JIT, DoE, statistical process control, EFQM, Kaizen, 5S are all great methods and frameworks and provide you with the HOW. But then they leave you with figuring out the WHAT by yourself.This book gives you hundreds of simple improvements that can be implemented across your team and company regularly, quickly and cheaply.


Podcast: Your Weekly Kaizen


Join us weekly for Your Weekly Kaizen, a podcast designed to be your beacon in the bustling world of business improvement. James Kelly is your host, and guide on this ongoing journey of transformation.


With a track record of assisting hundreds of organizations globally, he brings you insights and practices to enact meaningful and sustainable changes in your professional environment.


Understanding the value of your time, we've tailored each episode to be concise, aiming for a duration of under five minutes, enabling you to swiftly return to making a significant impact in your business and for your customers.


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Quality Management


Minimum Viable Meetings

Practical Kaizen for Everyday Improvements

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