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  • James Kelly

New book release: Minimum Viable Meetings: Strategies, Tactics, & the One Question to Achieve Meeting Excellence

Meetings, meetings, meetings. That's all we seem to do these days. Millions of meetings happen around the world every day, some are boring, others late, and many are frustratingly unproductive. Meetings seem to cause difficulties for organizations everywhere.

With video, phone and hybrid work becoming the norm, it’s critical that we get meetings right.

The same advice is rolled out every few months on blogs, business magazines, podcasts and YouTube:

  • Have an agenda

  • Start on time

  • Keep to the point

  • Define actions

Yet, despite the same suggestions being repeated ad nauseam, nothing seems to change.

Minimum Viable Meetings (MVM) is a groundbreaking approach to streamline communication and collaboration within organizations., MVM stresses concise, purpose-driven meetings that focus solely on essential topics, reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and freeing up valuable hours for productivity. By emphasizing brevity, clarity, and action-oriented agendas, MVM empowers teams to achieve more in less time, fostering a culture of efficiency and results.

Minimum Viable Meetings approaches the issues with a different mindset. Follow along and you’ll learn how to:

  • Ask the one question that matters

  • Streamline your meetings

  • Keep your meetings fresh and effective

  • Try different tactics

  • Solve messy meeting challenges.

Also included are dozens of agendas to give you a starting point for different types of meeting.

I don't know about you, but I don't have time to read yet another lengthy book on running meetings.

If you don't want to take action to improve your meetings, then don't read this book.

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