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About Us

We help you and your organization to identify, understand, prioritize and solve your critical business problems.

With so many methods, processes, techniques being introduced continually, it can seem daunting to stay on top of things and determine which are useful to your organization, people, processes and problems.

We use the OODA (Observe, Orient, Determine, Act) loop to accelerate your decision making and operations business processes.  By taking a business problem-oriented approach to analyse and plan improvements you can stay focused on the things that matter.

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James Kelly
Founder and Principal

Mr Kelly manages large, complex strategic quality and process engagements for companies across software and technology intensive industries including aerospace, defence, engineering, utilities, finance, and government. 

He has assisted companies with improving quality for more than 30 years and has extensive technical expertise in the practical application of quality and process methods and models to bring about significant productivity and quality improvements in engineering and technology intensive companies.

Specialized Training

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Tim Collins
Engagement Manager

Tim manages our utilities and mining project teams.  

During this career, he has spent 25 years across multiple complex process streamlining and organisation rejuvenation projects. With a background in civil and mechanical engineering, he is able to bring a wealth of experience to industry project teams to solve their most complicated problems.

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Jo Kelly
Cofounder and Creative Director

Jo manages the creative industries stream.  With a career in animation, 3D modeling and graphic design, she has remarkable insights into the streamlining of companies and teams within the videogame and film industries.

"They have very thorough understanding of large-scale software development and an appreciation for the need for organisations to institutionalise best practices and procedures."

Project Manager, Thales

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