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Business Method & Practice Reform

Kaizen Events

Reform and rejuvenate faded and messy methods & business practices to:

  • Streamline, declutter and rebuild critical end to end processes

  • Build development and operational capability

  • Enabling adaptive methods for sustained performance

Running Kaizen Events:

  • Focused Problem-Solving activities, tailored to your team

  • Producing quick and tangible results: cost savings, quality improvement

  • Data-Driven Decision Making and Sustained Improvement

Project Governance & Gating

Project and Program Gating, Document and Project performance improvements

  • Establishing program/project gates and governance framework

  • Document assessment and performance optimization

  • Project performance rapid assessments and instruments

  • Organisation & process change for tool implementation

Assurance & Due Diligence

  • Internal project and team performance

  • Facilitating organisational & team reviews, assessments and retrospectives

  • Supplier and Partner Supply Chains

Specialized Training

  • Sprints, Scrums, Retrospectives, Peer reviews

  • Agile Project Risk Management

  • Development and Operation Methods performance improvement

  • Kaizen - Practical Business Improvement

  • Hack Your Meetings: 7 days to minimum viable meetings

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

"They have very thorough understanding of large-scale software development and an appreciation for the need for organisations to institutionalise best practices and procedures."

Project Manager, Thales

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